New mums and mums-to-be: How to stay positive and support your wellbeing

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Giving birth and being a new mum can be overwhelming. You may feel you’re not in control of your life? Perhaps you are struggling with feelings of loneliness and isolation?

In the wake of the coronavirus crisis, it’s even harder for new mums to celebrate and enjoy those special moments with friends and families. I know how hard it can be, but I’d love to share five encouraging tips on how to slow down and take a bit of time for yourself. You needn’t feel alone…

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar

1. Consider your diet When our routine is thrown upside down we become less active but eating regularly and healthily will keep your blood sugar stable and help energy levels and mood. You’ve heard it so many times but drinking enough water is so important for your mental and physical health. It could help to set an alarm or use an app as a reminder.

2. Move your body Research shows that physical activity can boost mood, sleep quality and energy levels. Why not join an online class in the comfort of your living room? Visit Greenwich Pilates Studios for mother and baby pilates, or pregnancy/postnatal yoga classes.

3. Keep calm and carry on Find some nightly (or early hour) Zen by listening to Stephen Fry’s mellifluous tones as he reads you a soothing story. The Calm app is a brilliant go-to for gentle music, guided meditation, mindfulness sessions, breathing exercises to relieve stress, tension and anxiety.

4. Start journaling Why not write it all down? A journal can be a very empowering tool to help you explore feelings, thoughts and experiences through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Maternal Journal can help to support you to establish your own creative journaling practice using simple tools and techniques that fit in with everyday life.

5. Treat yourself

Self-care is a must at the moment so why not treat yourself to a curated box filled with chocolate treats, eye masks or a beautiful notepad to begin journaling. Relaxation in a box delivered to your door. Reflexology is also a fantastic way to relax during pregnancy and post-birth. Vouchers are available to purchase for Natalie Li Reflexology treatments for later this year. I’d love to see you soon.

Take care, Natalie x

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